Taylor gives a fan $90 while in Central Park, NYC

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@trejeanmusic: SNIPPET OF FIFTH HARMONY’S NEW SINGLE🎤 “Reflection” @normanikordei

 jaimeleighnz Had the absolute pleasure of working with this stunning Minxy @diannaagron what a 🌟 #hairdept #setlife #kiwiinla #headlock #funatwork #beautifulblonde

jaimeleighnz Had the absolute pleasure of working with this stunning Minxy @diannaagron what a 🌟 #hairdept #setlife #kiwiinla #headlock #funatwork #beautifulblonde

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1. which animal are you most afraid of and why? I’d say dogs because they’re literally everywhere and everyone says their dog is friendly but they’re not all friendly and some of them are huge they’re just really scary

2. if you could say ‘I love you’ to anyone in the world right now who would it be? can I say dianna agron? I’m gonna say dianna agron.

3. what’s making you happy at the moment? I’m done with education. summer. spending time with my friends.

4. do you prefer forests, lakes or beaches? I like beaches but I’m not a fan of the sea so can I have a sandy lake? I like lakes because the water’s really still and it’s pretty and calming and stuff.

5. favourite disney song: this is difficult! um, can I have this dance? - high school musical 3

6. are you ticklish? yes yes yes.

7. tell me about the best holiday you’ve ever been on: I just went to the usa and we went to boston, rhode island and new york which was amazing. new york was literally so incredible please let me move to america.

8. if you were to get married where would your honeymoon be? cliché but I think paris. I’ve never been properly and it seems really romantic. oh maybe we could pop into disneyland whilst we are there.

9. what do you think about before you go to sleep? um, fanfiction.

10. least favourite fictional character and why: everyone is going to hate me for this but it’s probably kurt hummel he just really annoys me idk. also he was really horrible to quinn (nobody is allowed to hurt my baby) and he completely disregarded all the issues she’s had to face in her life. also might have something to do with the fact that he has had way too much screen time.

11. if you could swap places with any musician for a day who would it be? maybe ed sheeran, not because I particularly like him but because he’s friends with taylor swift so then I could hang out with her for a day.


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Behind the Scenes of a Glee photoshoot


Will and Kate are honestly the cutest

GLEE TROPES → Quinn Fabray

Dianna Agron Toast New Museum Artists

Dianna Agron Toast New Museum Artists